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Flower Smart Egg

Balls for snip training 3.5 cm in diameter
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  • Neat pinballs
  • For stimulating foreplay
  • Gives stronger orgasms
  • Strengthens the pelvis
  • Facilitates pregnancy
getDescription (); ?>

Advantages of Kegelball - getName (); ?>

getName (); ?> Facilitates pregnancy and childbirth

By using squeezing exercises, the muscles in the pelvic floor are strengthened. This facilitates a possible pregnancy and childbirth by, among other things, making it easier for the muscles to handle twists - and therefore have more stamina. Having well-trained pelvic floor muscles before childbirth allows you to recover faster afterwards. If you missed training the pelvic floor during pregnancy, you can easily compensate with pinch balls afterwards!

getName (); ?> reduces the risk of prolapse

The pelvic floor acts as a support for women's internal organs. When this support no longer exists, due to weak muscles, there is a risk of prolapse. Prolapse means that the organs that the pelvic floor holds up and together can sink down under stress. This is most common as you get older, but can affect you at any time in your life; and that is exactly why squeezing exercises with eg getName (); ?> more important than you might think!

getName (); ?> prevents incontinence problems

According to Vårdguiden, every third woman in Sweden suffers from incontinence problems at some point. Incontinence is usually due to the muscles in the vagina not being strong enough to hold tight - for example during coughing, jumping or laughing. By training the muscles, for example with getName (); Do you reduce the risk of suffering from incontinence now - or later - in life.

Better sex life with getName (); ?>

Stronger muscles in the vagina mean stronger orgasms; this is because the muscles work harder. You will also find that you get an orgasm more easily, and can also control the intensity during intercourse - for both you and your partner - by pinching. In addition, blood circulation increases, which in turn leads to increased desire and increased sensation.
Body Zone Vagina
Kegelball Type Light
Mshop Type Kegel balls
Brand Ladylove
EAN 7350102751816
SKU 569764
Material Silicone
Waterproof 100% Waterproof
Dimensions (Kegelball)
Length 15,5 cm
Diameter 3,5 cm
Dimensions (Package)
Length 17,00 cm
Width 7,00 cm
Height 6,00 cm
Weight 0,09 kg
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Doesn't look exactly like the picture. Much less "handle" to get it out.

By Nils Verified Purchase Machine translated from

The first time I do the push-ups with balls, I got training pain in fiffi, i.e. good grades.

By Lisa Verified Purchase Machine translated from

It was uncomfortable and difficult to get out. Will test again and see if it gets better

By Petra Verified Purchase Machine translated from

Would not recommend these to beginners as they are quite heavy ........

By A Machine translated from

Far too light gives hardly any training

By Anna Verified Purchase Machine translated from
Reasonable size,

Proper size, does not take up much space in the box. there is nothing to complain about. Works best with a little lubricant.

By A Verified Purchase Machine translated from
Too heavy for the beginner

Was too heavy for me. Gave birth to two children in a short time. Will try a lighter version.

By V Machine translated from
By Leticia Verified Purchase Star-Only Review
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Flower Smart Egg
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