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The prelude to sex is nice, annoying and important - but keep in mind that we all have different needs and sex desire can be awakened in several different ways. Women can often need more foreplay than men to reach the same level of excitement. For men, a seductive believer's edge may be all it takes to get excited - where many women may need a little more.



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An easy way to renew your sex life is by using the right accessories. We have a large selection of sexy lingerie, delicious socks and challenging suits - something for all tastes and which will undoubtedly bring wonderful fantasies to life.



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We are blessed with many beautiful minds, so if you want to have a wonderful sex life then play with them and experience a more intense pleasure.

Touch and soft massage with beautiful massage oils greatly release the happiness hormone oxytocin, which gives us a feeling of well-being and makes us more relaxed and comfortable. The feeling is further enhanced if you also choose to stimulate the sense of smell by using a massage oil or massage light with sensual scent.


A Classic

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A body wand is a multifunctional vibrator that was initially developed to treat sore muscles and back problems during the 1970s. Eventually, however, it was discovered that body wands could be used in more places than the back!

Start by using the vibrator for a comfortable and soothing massage on your partner's back and slowly build up the sensual mood by slowly approaching more intimate areas.

Body wands come in many variants but common to all of them is that they have extra powerful vibrations that provide such a powerful pleasure that even Samantha from the Sex and the City series paid tribute to the skies.


Excitement on a distance

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Sextoys are a "must have" accessory for naughty and challenging foreplay. Discreet and silent vibrators that can be controlled remotely with the help of a remote control or an app on your mobile lets you start the prelude even before you get home. Whether you start at the restaurant, on the walk or in the taxi on the way home, it will surely give you an exciting prelude.

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