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Oral sex can make us one of the most intimate and erotic of all sex acts - if done with emotion, passion and empathy. With a few simple accessories and tips you can take your oral sex to the next level and have your partner stretch for the pillow so as not to wake the whole house…

That little extra

For her

A G-spot vibrator or a vibrating egg can be an exciting addition to the oral sex to the highest degree. Stimulate the clitoris with your tongue while using the vibrator to stimulate her G-point, clitoris, middle or pubic lips for an enjoyable moment out of the ordinary. Test different vibrational strengths and vibrant patterns to see what position makes her toes fold a little extra.

That little extra

For him

Don't forget to give him oral sex that he will never forget with the help of some simple sex toys. Either use a penis ring with vibration, a penis vibrator or smaller masturbation toy that stimulates the shaft while allowing you to focus your mouth on the earlobe and give him a grand pleasure as he did.


Enhanced sensibility

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When you remove a mind, the others are strengthened. So when you wear a blindfold, your feeling is enhanced and the oral sex becomes more annoying and intense. Try wearing a blindfold while your partner gives you oral sex and feel the tension and feeling increase throughout your body.


Prickling sensations

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Another exciting accessory for oral sex is also sensitivity-enhancing creams that give a warm, cold or irritating feeling when they come into contact with the skin. Play around with the cream by licking or blowing on the area and feel how the cream reacts and gives a new kind of pleasure. You can also surprise your partner by applying some of the cream to your tongue and then transfer the effect as you go down on them.

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