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Anal sex and anal stimulation can open up a whole new way to enjoy and gild the sex life for both of you. The only thing that suffocates is that you are curious, cautious and give each other plenty of time for warming up and allow your body to get used to the new sensation.


The more Lube the better

To Lubricant

Lubricants are A and O when it comes to anal sex since the anal produces no natural lubrication. Anal lubricants are often more viscous in texture to provide as long a slip as possible.

First try to just stimulate the anal on the outside with a finger and a lot of lubricant. Make soft circles, back and forth movements or just let your finger rest against the opening while stimulating your partner in other ways and experiencing the difference in your enjoyment.



To Buttpluggs

Buttplugs are perfect accessories to use to either warm up before anal sex with your partner or to stimulate the anal while having vaginal sex. Many buttplugs have a narrower top that makes them easy to insert and is then moved slowly, slowly further in to finally sit in place. A vibrating butt plug provides an extra dimension of pleasure as it stimulates all sensitive nerve strands and can also feel vaginal to both partners if worn during vaginal sex.


Stronger Orgasms

To Analbeads

Anallbeads are exciting to play with because they can partly be used to experience a unique kind of double orgasm or to slowly increase the stimulation anally with larger and larger analbeads.

Use plenty of lubricant on the beads and slowly insert one at a time on your partner while kissing or caressing your partner's body. Stop between the beads and stimulate your partner with your mouth or fingers to build up to the enjoyable finale.

When you have brought in so many analbeads that feel nice, build up to the pleasure to the max and just before the orgasm pulsates through the body - slowly pull out the beads. It will be a whole new kind of enjoyment that you have never experienced before…



To Prostate Massagers

The prostate sits about 7.5-10 cm into the anal of men and is very well known for its incredible orgasmic properties. But what many people do not know is that prostate stimulation can also boost the erection so that it becomes stronger and can last longer before ejaculation.

If you are a beginner; Start by taking some lubricant on your finger and place it against the middle. Make soft circles on the area and push gently upwards. This gives a wonderful idea of ​​how direct prostate stimulation will feel.

A prostate wand is a wonderful and exciting way to renew your sex life. Slowly insert the rod with plenty of lubricant and the curved part towards the stomach. Let the latter sit there in place while having sex to experience a new kind of enjoyment together.



To Hygiene

Many may find it scary to test for anal sex due to the hygiene aspect, but with the right accessories, even preparation for anal sex can be an exciting prelude to warming up the body. An anal shower before anal sex is both comfortable and reassuring so you can hang out completely during sex without any worry.

After anal play, it is always important to clean the sex toys properly so that they are clean, fresh and disinfecting for the next time.

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