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21 cm long, Ø 3.5 cm - Our most affordable rabbit with 10 vibration modes, twin motors & silky smooth silicone surface
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  • Capella Stimulates the clitoris and G-spot
  • Fits pairs - neat and flexible design
  • Structure that locates G-spot
  • Easy to control - 1 button - 2 motors
  • 10 vibrations - powerful and quiet
  • two motors, one at each stimulation point

What makes Capella special?

Capella combines the best features of the market's most popular rabbit vibrators - without costing a fortune - all to make orgasmic pleasure accessible to everyone!

Like a classic rabbit, Capella combines clitoral stimulation with wonderful g-spot vibration. Whether you love powerful vibrations or tickling touch, you will easily find your favorite in Capella.

With two motors, one at each stimulation point, and 10 different vibrations, Capella provides maximum enjoyment. Ergonomically designed with marked edges, Capella provides a structure that helpfully locates and stimulates G-spot and vaginal walls. The neat design makes it easy to maneuver and is just as orgasmic on its own or with a partner.

Tip: feel free to rotate the Capella from side to side so that the marked edges stimulate the vaginal walls and G-spot

How do I control it?

You can easily control the vibrations with one and the same button. Capella is started and switched off by holding down the button for 3 seconds, varying strength and vibration patterns by clicking once on the button. Both motors are controlled and used simultaneously.

Which lubricant should I use?

We recommend using the water-based lubricant Mshop Care Lube It together with this vibrator for an even more pleasant experience.

What makes Private Collection special?

With over 30 years of experience behind us, we have designed the Mshop Private Collection - developed to provide the perfect combination between high quality and ergonomic design. All sex toys in the collection have a silicone cover of the highest quality, and are designed to maximize your sexual pleasure.

How do I charge it?

This vibrator can be recharged via the included USB charger, on the back of the rabbit vibrator there is an input for chargers marked with DC.

How do I clean it?

You can easily clean your sex toy with a cleaning product specially developed for sex toys. We recommend using Mshop Care Clean It which is easy and fast to use! Rinse the toy you want to clean in lukewarm water and then shake off excess water. Apply the spray and allow the toy to air dry. Clear! It will not be easier than that.

How do I store it?

If you protect your sex toys, they will last longer. Avoid storing your sex toys so that they touch each other. Store your sex toy in the associated storage bag in a dust-free, dry and cool place.

Low (Dual)
Low (Dual)
Medium (Dual)
Medium (Dual)
High (Dual)
High (Dual)
Pulse (Dual)
Pulse (Dual)
Crest (Dual)
Crest (Dual)
Echo (Dual)
Echo (Dual)
Surf (Dual)
Surf (Dual)
Tease (Single)
Tease (Single)
Tide (Dual)
Tide (Dual)
Ramp (Single)
Ramp (Single)
Vibrator Shape Rabbit Vibrators
Body Zone Clitoris, G-Spot, Vagina
Stimulation Type Vibration, Penetration
Product Type Rabbit vibrators
Brand Mshop Private Collection
EAN 7350102750031
SKU 571406
Material Silicone
Waterproof Splash proof
Powered by USB Re-chargeable
Dimensions (Vibrator)
Length 21,00 cm
Diameter 3,50 cm
Dimensions (Package)
Length 23,50 cm
Width 17,80 cm
Height 6,80 cm
Weight 0,55 kg
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Saturday 10/12 - Monday 12/12
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Bought mine almost exactly a year ago. Loved it once I used it. Haven't paid much attention to it. Always stored it in the associated bag and cover. Yesterday when I was going to charge it, they didn't work. It doesn't start to light up and doesn't get a battery. Sad when they don't last, especially when you don't use it very often.

By Sofia Machine translated from

Very nice product, but wish there could be a +/- button on it, so you can decide for yourself which vibration you want.

By Lina Verified Purchase Machine translated from
Slip in button

It has been difficult to start since the start and now after a few months it does not start at all. Sad with such poor quality!

By Erika Machine translated from

Best vibrator I have owned, it gives good strong vibrations and is quiet. Stylish and stylish, no hassle. the clitoris irritant finds the right one every time! :)

By Elin Verified Purchase Machine translated from
Not wise then !!!

My red rabbit broke a while ago. Got Capella recommended in the store. Was a little hesitant because I liked the balls in red rabbit.

Took just short before I changed my mind! Wow how good it is. Come in no time and again.

No talk that it delivers!

By Karina Verified Purchase Machine translated from
Beyond expectation

This one has a cruel design that really gets to the g-spot, had no idea that the little bend would mean so much! Satisfaction guarantee, yes thank you :)

By Jennie Verified Purchase Machine translated from
First time

Just saying wow! Throughout my 40-year life, I have only "come" when I have ridden my husband, never otherwise. But with CAPELLA I came almost immediately! I'm completely lyrical ....

By Linda Verified Purchase Machine translated from
Love it!

Have had other rabbit vibrators before but this is without a doubt the best I have experienced! Love that it also comes with a storage bag - perfect!

By Ida Verified Purchase Machine translated from
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